dilluns, 13 de juny de 2016

The Music

The Music that I like is pop and techno.

The music pop I like because there are pop singers and music groups that I like as The ear of Van Gogh and the song that I like best is Can count on me.

The music techno I like because very songs are fast as Hello of the group OMFG.

Can count on me




dijous, 9 de juny de 2016

The Countries

The countries that I would like to visit are...

-Sweden:-Because there are the Castle of Skoklostor

                    -Because I like travel to Europe

                    -Because it is a beautiful country, I think
                    -Because there are beautiful views

                    -Because the capital is Stockholm, a nice city

-Mexico: -Because there are Cancun

                 -Because there are extraordinary beachs

                 -Because there are the Palace of Fine Arts

                  -Because there are many interesting places as the Castle of Chapultepec

                  -Because I like the mexican accent

-Japan: -Because there are Tokio, the capiatl city

              -Because I want to learn their language

              -Because there are the Castle Nagoya

             -Because it is in Asia

             -Because I want to learn japanese

-Belgium: -Because there are Castle of Steen

                  -Because there are rivers 

                  -Because there are the Cathedral of Our Lady of Reims

                 -Because yes
                 -Because there are nice clothes

-Czech Republic: -Because there are Moravia

                             -Because there are the Czech paradise


                            -Because its capital is Praga

                            -Because there are Liberec

                            -Because it's in the middle of Europe


dijous, 12 de maig de 2016


This is Tagul, my word cloud art.
The name is Music, because I love music 

Created with Tagul.com
NOTE 1: Do not forget to change width and height values to your preffered values. NOTE 2: After you saved your cloud please allow about 10 minutes for changes to take effect. After that period of time please clear your browser cache by pressing CTRL+F5 (CMD+R for Safari) on web page where you embedded your cloud. Ok